Welcome to my website, Yummyness, this little space that I have invaded in the big wide web is my way of sharing with you all my love for cake (and baked goods in general, lets be honest here) cooking, crafts and anything else that grabs my eye.

The Yummyness part of the site is about my little home run business I have where I am fortunate enough to be able to create special creations for beautiful people. And the blog side of things, well that’s just my platform to share with you all the things I love and are passionate about from hand me down recipes to refurbishing old furniture to home crafts, so please join me on this journey through cake, crafts and life!



Custom Cakes

Our custom cakes can ooze your personality or theme – no matter if it’s multi-tiered, sculpted or 3D.


Cupcake Parties

We provide the cupcakes, icing and decorations all you need to do is have fun!


Event Favours

Our delicious iced shortbread biscuit favours can be decorated & wrapped to suit your theme! 


Allergy Free Recipes

Yummyness can provide you with dairy, nut and gluten free cakes to suit your dietary requirements.


Baked Treats

Want the perfect dessert to top off a celebration? We create anything from a Sponge to a Cheesecake.


Home Delivery

We offer delivery to the Sydney metropolitan area to venues, corporate locations and private dwellings.



Cupcakes -

  • Plain cupcakes with buttercream start at $3 each.

  • Decorations and fondant icing start from $3.50 each.

  • Cupcake flavours can include Vanilla, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Berry, Coconut, Lemon, Jaffa, Coffee, Caramel, Cookies and Cream and more.


Event Favours -

  • Event Favours start at $2 per shortbread biscuit with icing.

  • Add 50c each for cellophane and ribbon wrapping.

  • Bulk pricing available for orders over 25.


Everyday Cakes -

  • Prices start from $20 for a variety of flavours and types of Everyday Cakes.

  • Options can include Cheesecake, Sticky Date Pudding, Banana Breads, Strawberry and Cream or Spongecake.

  • Requests and variations are welcome!


Custom Cakes -

  • Starting from $3 for a single tier - add an additional 25c per serve per tier.

  • Wedding, sculpted and 3D cakes are priced on application.

  • Flavours can include Chocolate, Caramel, Red Velvet, Berry, Vanilla, Jaffa (Choc-Orange), Banana and White Chocolate... Variations are welcome!


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3 tiers of vibrant, red-velvet goodness

SYD_8007My 21st birthday party was circus-themed, which meant of course that I wanted a vibrant cake, which had to feed around 80 people. So I got in contact with Vanessa at Yummyness and showed her some of my ideas. What Vanessa came up with after some quick brainstorming was very exciting. She took my vague concept of a colourful cake and evolved it perfectly to fit the circus theme, complete with a big top, edible gold ’21’ and bunting strung from flagpoles. When it was delivered on the afternoon of my party, everyone was simply astonished – it was 3 tiers of vibrant, red-velvet goodness! Thanks Yummyness for going above and beyond for me!

– Olivia Natoli

Meet the girl behind Yummyness


You've entered Ness's world of baking, crafting, blogging, vintage and just general randomness. I’m born and bred Sydney, and for a long time I worked in the city, ate my lunch in Hyde Park, people watched (a great hobby) and thought I was uber-chic because I worked in a high rise - then one day I realised I’m not uber-chic, that sitting in an office all day and the modern world just wasn’t for me.

I live outside of Sydney now, but not to far detached, I am still a city girl at heart, with my ridiculously patient husband and my quirky dog, Xena, yes like the Warrior Princess.

I work in a flexible job that allows me to indulge in my love of everything vintage and retro, it allows me to bake and decorate, to sew and paint, to embroider and wallpaper, oh how I love wallpaper. And the best part is I get to share it all with you, so thank you for reading!

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